North Bay

PANDUIT BT4LH-L0 Dome-Top Cable Tie 534 N 14.9 in L Nylon 6.6 Black

Manufacturer #:BT4LH-L0


The BT4LH-L0 Dome-Top® barb ty, features a unique patented design with its round smooth edges. Paired with the stainless steel locking barb, these cable ties provide consistent performance, reliability and infinite adjustability through the entire bundle range. Light Heavy cross section, 14.9” (378mm) length. Appropriate for Indoor/Outdoor use, made of Weather Resistant Nylon 6.6 with high resistance to ultraviolet light, are black in color and come in packages of 50.


100 - rarr_unit_1 250 - rarr_unit_2 500 - rarr_unit_3