North Bay

THERMAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT BR-SR-10-2 10w/ft 240v Self Reg Heat Trace

Manufacturer #:BR-SR-10-2


TRM Self Regulating heating cable is ideal for keeping metal and plastic pipes warm, in commercial, industrial and residential applications. The semi-conductive core regulates its heat output based on the surrounding temperature and can vary its heat output along the cable's entire length, saving energy and eliminating hot spots along the pipe. Parallel construction of SR cable means it can be cut to length in the field, overlapped on valves and flanges and installed according to site needs. TRM's SR cable is suitable in applications such as freeze protection, temperature maintenance, sprinkler tracing, roof and gutter deicing, heat loss replacement and frost heave prevention. The cable can also be utilized for industrial applications, such as cooling towers, food processing, water treatment, tanks and vessel heating. SR cable is a cost effective solution for most heat tracing applications, with a range of product choices that can be designed to match your project's requirements. A complete range of accessories are available to complement our SR cable, including termination and end seal kits, installation clips and hangers, as well as a wide range of control and sensing options.