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GREENLEE 7304 Hydraulic Knockout Punch and Die Set 10 ga Mild Steel

Manufacturer #:7304
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Fast, easy and simple to operate. Compact design for field use on construction sites and maintenance jobs. Punches 10 times faster than wrench method. Will also drive 751 cable cutter head. Can be used with most standard round Slug-Buster® and Slug-Splitter SC™ punches (not 1/2, 9/16, 5/8 inch). Can be used with non-round punches (adapter may be required). 3 ft hose powerful 11-ton hydraulic ram.


Brand Name Greenlee Item Name Hydraulic Knockout Punch and Die Set
Type Standard Round Size 2-1/2 in
Capacity 10 ga Mild Steel Weight 21 lb
Includes 1429AV 2-1/2 ft Conduit Punch, 1430AV 12 in Conduit Die, 1431AV 3 in Conduit Punch, 1432AV 3 in Conduit Die, 2982AV 3-1/2 in Conduit Punch, 2981AV 3-1/2 in Conduit Die, 2984AV 4 in Conduit Punch, 04654 4 in Conduit Die, Plastic Case Application For 2-1/2 in Through 4 in Conduit
UPC 783310028154