North Bay

INTERNAL WIRE 2/0RW90GRNX300 RW90 Building Cable 2/0 AWG

Manufacturer:INTERNAL WIRE
Manufacturer #:2/0RW90GRNX300


INSTAGLIDE® RW90 (-40 °C) XLPE 1 kV aluminium service entrance and branch circuit wire. Compact stranded AA-8000 series aluminium conductor material (ACM) per ASTM B801 Class B or ASTM B836 (Single Input Wire) with low temperature moisture resisting EXELENE® cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation. RoHS compliant. For open wiring and raceways (except cable troughs and ventilated flexible cableway) in dry or wet locations. For exposed wiring where exposed to weather with sunlight resistant insulation. Standard Black 6 AWG and larger is sunlight resistant and marked "SR"; colored insulation is NOT.


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