MILWAUKEE 48-44-5178 240' 1/8" STEEL TAPE

Manufacturer #:48-44-5178


The MILWAUKEE® M18 FUEL™ ANGLER™ 240' x 1/8" Steel Pulling Fish Tape Replacement Cartridge is part of the world's first battery powered fish tape solution. The steel fish tape puller features AUTO-RUN™ Powered Feed and Retract that eliminates manual operation for less user fatigue and automatically reels the tape back into the Replacement Cartridge for a cleaner jobsite. The steel fish tape puller has blue tempered steel tape for improved flexibility and durability with an anti-catch tip for continuous fishing. This ANGLER™ has the ability to pull wire through a 240' run with 360° degrees of bends and is compatible with any of Milwaukee's 3 Less Binding steel and non-conductive Replacement Cartridges to tackle any situation.


Brand Name Milwaukee® Sub Brand M18 FUEL™ Angler™
Type Steel Pulling Fish Tape Drum Length 13.2 in
Material Steel UPC 045242540853