MILWAUKEE 48-44-5176 120' 1/8" STEEL TAPE

Manufacturer #:48-44-5176


The MILWAUKEE® M18 FUEL™ ANGLER™ 120' x 1/8" Steel Pulling Fish Tape Replacement Cartridge is part of the Powered Feed and Retract that eliminates manual operation for less user fatigue and automatically reels the tape back into the Replacement Cartridge for a cleaner jobsite. The steel fish tape puller has blue tempered steel tape for improved flexibility and durability with an anti-catch tip for continuous fishing. This ANGLER™ has the ability to pull wire through a 120' run with 360° degrees of bends and is compatible with any of Milwaukee's 3 Less Binding steel and non-conductive Replacement Cartridges to tackle any situation.


Brand Name Milwaukee® Sub Brand M18 FUEL™ Angler™
Type Steel Pulling Fish Tape Drum Length 13.2 in
Material Steel UPC 045242540846