COOPER WIRING TRSGF20W Arrow Hart Self-Test, Tamper-Resistant GFCI Duplex Receptacle 20 A, White


Specification grade tamper resistant duplex ground fault circuit interrupter receptacle with back and side wire. ArrowHart self-test GFCI receptacles are UL Listed and fully compliant with all of the latest UL943 Class A GFCI and UL498 requirements. The self-test GFCIs conduct an automatic test periodically to ensure GFCI protection. The device will trip and will not reset if GFCI protection is not available. Additionally, GFCIs incorporate a safety lock-out function to protect against mis-wired line-load connections and GFCI circuitry damage. Suitable in commercial and industrial areas like public bathrooms, break rooms and food service areas, the NEC® requires GFCI receptacles.


Brand Name Cooper Industries Sub Brand Arrow Hart
Type Self-test Number of Poles 2
Connection Type Grounding Material Out Branch Circuit AFCI Receptacle
Color White UPC 032664739989


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