CRC CANADA 1750376 Mech Force™ Industrial Degreaser 396 g Aerosol

Manufacturer:CRC CANADA
Manufacturer #:1750376


An innovative, non-chlorinated heavy duty degreaser that removes oil, grease and other contaminants. This fast evaporation solvent is excellent for use where rapid turnaround is necessary and low flashpoint solvents can be used. It offers a high permissible. Suitable for motors, pumps, generators, hoists, compressors, mechanical equipment, corroded machinery, air tools, mechanical brakes and clutches, chains, wire ropes, bearings, dies and molds.


Brand Name CRC Sub Brand Mech Force™
Item Name Industrial Degreaser Container Size 396 g
Container Type Aerosol Can Odor/Scent Solvent
Color Colorless Form Aerosol
Chemical Composition 30 - 60% Acetone, 10 - 30% Naphtha (Petroleum), Hydrotreated, 7 - 13% Heptane, Branched, Cyclic and Linear, 5 - 10% Carbon Dioxide, 3 - 7% Isopropyl Alcohol, N-Heptane, Solvent Naphtha (Petroleum), Light Aliph, 1 - 5% 3-Methylhexane, 0.1 - 1% 2,3-Dimethylpentane, 2-Methylhexane, 3-Ethylpentane VOC 91.8%
Boiling Point 56.1 °C Freezing Point -126.6 °C
Flash Point < -17.8 °C Dielectric Strength 6600 V
Application For Motors, Pumps, Generators, Hoists, Compressors, Mechanical Equipment, Corroded Machinery, Air Tools, Mechanical Brakes and Clutches, Chains, Wire Ropes, Bearings, Dies and Molds