VALLEN LCT40478 SI 5900 Gasket Sealant Black Oil-Resistant 90 ml Aerosol Can

Manufacturer #:LCT40478


Instant gasket is economical with eight ft of gasket in every ounce. Return equipment to service immediately when you make leak proof gaskets in just one minute with instant gasket. 90 ml pressure can.


Brand Name Loctite Item Name Gasket Sealant
Type Oil-Resistant Container Type Aerosol Can
Container Size 90 ml Form Aerosol
Color Black Specific Gravity 1.37
Series SI 5900 Base Type Oxime Silicone
Composition 30 - 40% Calcium Carbonate, 10 - 20% Siloxanes and Silicones, di-Me, 5 - 10% Norflurane, 1 - 5% Butan-2-one O,O',O''- (vinylsilylidyne)trioxime, 1 - 5% Octadecanoic Acid, 0.1 - 1% Carbon Black, 0.1 - 1% Aluminum, 0.1 - 1% Butan-2-one O,O',O'',O'''-Silanetetrayltetraoxime Setting Time 20 min
Curing Time 24 hr Odor/Scent Mild Petroleum
Temperature Rating -65 to 500 °F Flash Point >93 °C
VOC Content 50.7 g/l Applicable Materials Metal, Plastic, Glass, Ceramic
Tensile Strength >246 lb/in² Shear Strength 145 lb/in²
For Use With Gaskets Standards UL Listed, NSF Certified, CFIA Approved
Application For Timing Gear Covers, Gearboxes, Compressors, Stamping Sheet Metal Covers, Intake Manifold End Seals, Water Pumps, Valve Covers and Transmission Pans