How to Deliver Big Savings on Lighting Upgrades

Is your business feeling the squeeze when it comes to commercial lighting retrofits? Are lengthy rebate applications and paperwork slowing you down? Imagine being able to offer your clients unbeatable quotes on energy-efficient lighting for their commercial retrofit projects. With the Instant Discounts Program, you can be the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) at quoting by passing on significant savings directly to your customers. This program is designed to make energy-efficient lighting upgrades more affordable and hassle-free than ever before, offering immediate savings at purchase.


Why Choose the Save on Energy Instant Discounts Program?

This program is tailored for businesses seeking cost-effective lighting retrofit solutions. Unlike traditional rebate processes, it provides:

Immediate Savings: Enjoy discounts right when you make your purchase.

Wide Product Selection: Access a variety of eligible lighting products.

Simplified Process: Skip the complex paperwork.

Broad Eligibility: Available across commercial, industrial, agricultural, institutional and municipal sectors.


Participating is Straightforward & Easy


Step 1: Check Your Project Eligibility

Ensure your retrofit project fits within the eligible categories.

Step 2: Choose Eligible Products

Select products that meet specific categories and DLC ratings.

Step 3: Gather Necessary Information

Before visiting a participating branch, gather:

Business name and address of the retrofit site

Contact name, phone number and email address 

Step 4: Visit a Branch and Get Your Discount

Bring the required information to your nearest branch or call ahead to apply the discount directly at purchase.

 Step 5: Show Your Savings on Invoices

Ensure the discount is clearly listed on the invoice provided to your customer. Contractors must pass on at least the minimum discount amount but can pass on the total amount received.


Maximizing Your Savings

To make the most of the Instant Discounts Program:


Bundle Purchases: Combine orders to maximize discounts.

Strategic Planning: Integrate eligible products into your projects.

Training: Educate your team on qualifying products.

Utilize Incentives: Combine discounts with other rebates for greater savings.

Efficient Inventory: Manage your stock effectively to seize opportunities.


Benefits of Passing on Savings

Competitive Edge

Provide lower project costs without compromising quality, giving you a competitive advantage in winning bids.

Client Satisfaction

Delight your clients with cost-effective solutions and transparent pricing, enhancing trust and long-term relationships.

Streamlined Process

Simplify project planning by integrating instant savings into your quotes, reducing administrative overhead and paperwork.


Be a Quote G.O.A.T.

Ready to elevate your quoting game? The Instant Discounts Program presents a fantastic opportunity for electrical contractors to upgrade lighting systems cost-effectively. By following these straightforward steps and implementing the provided tips, you can maximize savings and enhance your retrofit projects.


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